Why 90% of Online Poker Players Are Losers

For many online poker players finding the winning formula
is like searching 918kiss for the Holy Grail. Everyone is promising it
and in fairness most are providing it. 안전공원

But here’s the thing … A hell of a lot of players just ain’t

If you’ve have laid awake one night after a failed evening
trying to beat flophat2 and ibluff56 wondering where your
money went. You’ve probably run out the next day to buy a
poker book like “Super secret formula to Poker Millions” or
downloaded “Instant ways to win online”. But if you’ve read
enough of them you realize they’re all basically the same.

Some are well written and some are hard work but the
bottom line is they all tell you to play tight aggressive. And
they’re all right.

If your lucky and you only need to read one book and I mean
read it not skim read thinking your taking it in – then great.
But most people are not that bright, it needs spelling out
time and time again – same message just in slightly
different ways.

Because when the penny drops they’re all telling you the
same thing you’re a hell of a lot nearer understanding poker.
It isn’t about a set move for this or that – It’s about
understanding what people are doing and why. And figuring
out what your best play is with that information.

So the best advice is read up, read up as much as you can,
wherever you can. The more you read, the more you think –
that’s what makes a winning player – Understanding the
game so well that you can out play everyone else.


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