How to Blast Your Swing Into the Big Leagues

With the evolution of the modern golf swing in the 1970’s, the art of learning how to use the hands to generate leverage and effortless power in the golf swing has been lost to the sands of time.

Ask yourself, how is it that with all the improvement and technology advances in club design, exotic materials etc. the average golfers score is the same as it was 30 years ago?

The problem is the modern golf swing relies very heavily on flexibility and timing to square the club at the very moment it strikes the golf ball.

Can you see the problem? It’s no wonder most right handed players slice the ball, and golf scores haven’t improved in 20-30 years. Trying to time the delivery of the club head to the ball perfectly every time is not only very difficult, but virtually impossible!

What if I said there was a way, a way to square the club at impact in a way that you could easily repeat with every swing and absolutely crush the golf ball and hit it dead at your target 75-80% of the time you hit your golf ball? This swing was taught for many, many years before the evolution of the modern golf swing and was used by many of the greatest golfers to ever play the game, Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan, Harry Vardon, Bobby Jones just to name a few.

This “Old School Golf” swing uses more of a wrist break than today modern swing does, this “Wrist Break” looks and feels different but if done correctly will automatically square the club head up, deliver the club to the ball using the power of leverage and help you to hit pin hunting shots consistently. shot blasting machine

Now to use this Old School Golf swing is very simple but it will take some practice and some getting used to. One of the most difficult things a golfer can do is to try to change their golf swing, especially if you’ve been playing a certain way for awhile. So be patient, old swing habits die hard.

Step 1. Develop a sound grip- you MUST grip the club properly to execute this correctly.

Step 2. Learn how to use the wrists properly- there are several key points in order to master this, this will help your swing but do it wrong and you will shank the ball badly.

Step 3. Use a good wide shoulder turn

Step 4. Let your body swing the arms.

Master these things and you will dominate your foursome, play the best golf of your life and keep your wallet in your pocket on the 19th hole!


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