Flooring Types & Materials to Consider For Luxury Home Construction

When it comes to adding a dash of elegance and sublimity to a house, then flooring plays a crucial role. In fact, it can be a line of demarcation between an average home and luxury home construction Sydney. With exquisite flooring, homeowners can impress their guests as well as create an aura of splendor. Whether it is stones, tiles, carpeting or hardwood each one has their own appeal and ability to produce a spectacular impact.
Factors to Consider Before Choosing Flooring Options สร้างบ้าน
Modern architectural homes in Sydney tend to be unique and classy with all the modern facilities and features in it. The floors especially look awesome and inviting in the homes. But homeowners must keep their requirements in mind to have tailor-made flooring. Some of the factors to consider before doing the installations are as follows:
Traffic of the Area
Basement is a high traffic area and hence need carpeting to absorb dust and dirt that accumulates throughout the day. Ceramic tiles are ideal for kitchen and bathroom whereas hardwood is good for living rooms.
Price Factor
This includes purchasing and installation costs per square foot of area space. Prices tend to vary according to the type of floors to be installed. A lot depends on the budget of a homeowner.
Cleaning and Maintenance
Selecting of flooring for luxury home construction Sydney should be done strictly on the basis of cleaning and maintenance. Since it is a long-term investment, it must be ensured that it is maintained properly as this will impact its durability. Nowadays with homeowners being busy in their work, it is normal that they will not like to set up a floor whose cleaning procedures are time-consuming.
Health Issues
Health issues such as asthma and allergies must also be kept at the back of the mind. In such cases, carpet floors would be the worst option whereas hardwood would be the most excellent choice.

Flooring Options Available for Homeowners
Ceramic Tiles
The popularity of ceramic tiles has grown by leaps and bounds because it is water-resistant and cheap. For dining rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, it is the ideal choice as it can endure spills and prevent accidents. This unit is available in stone, octagonal and hexagonal shapes in the market.
Since time immemorial, stone crafted floors have been considered to be timeless and ethereal. Travertine, marble, granite and slat are popular ones renowned for their opulence and sturdiness.
Carpet flooring has many advantages. It is durable, reasonably priced and has the capacity to absorb dust and debris. Shag carpets, deep piles, and an amalgamation of both are becoming extremely sought-after in the consumer market.
When it comes to both viability and aesthetic value, there are few materials as that of hardwood which combines the both. Although it is ideal for all kinds of rooms, the basement is the ideal place to install it because it is vulnerable to damage caused by flooding. Hardwood floors are waterproof and can deal with flooding effectively.
Get in touch with an expert luxury house builder, to discuss installation costs.
Vinyl is a modern floor covering option and with advancement in technology it has improved even more. Manufactured from the waterproof plastic polymer, it is ideal to be installed in any housing area. It is cheap and easy to maintain. For homeowners with pets and kids, it is a perfect choice.
Laminate is equally good a flooring option for luxury home construction Sydney. Easy fitting and availability of different colors and sizes work in its favor.
The decoration is an art and flooring is one of its crucial elements. A first-rate floor has the ability to transform a home and take its beauty to another level.

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